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Increase the value for your home! Remodeling a kitchen has proven to give homeowners the best return on their investment.
Green Attic has helped hundreds of Chicagoland families turn their current kitchens into personalized, eco-friendly, cooking and entertaining spaces. Our remodeling experts will custom design the perfect “green” kitchen for your culinary needs, style, and budget.
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Invest in Green

With kitchen remodeling, the possibilities are practically limitless. Whatever you imagine, we will help you achieve! As part of your kitchen remodel, our expert designers and builders can help you with any of the following needs and more.

Green Attic can transform your kitchen from a small, cramped space into an entertainment space with gourmet flare. Hiring Green Attic to go the extra mile to make your kitchen is energy-efficient and sustainable is the best way to ensure your money is well spent.

Upgrading Fixtures And Appliances
Adding Energy-Efficient Lighting
Installing New Flooring Or Tiling
Upgrading Storage
Kitchen Cabinets And Furniture
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Creating a Passive House Kitchen
Whether your kitchen is residential or commercial, Green Attic will ensure it’s energy-efficient. One hurdle of building a kitchen that passes the Passive House test is establishing the proper ventilation system to match your needs. How often you cook in your space determines how we design it, ensuring your cooking space is as air-tight as possible without compromising air quality. Proper ventilation of your kitchen can be executed with any wall-mounted, downdraft, or island exhaust fan and still pass Passive House standards, however, there are recommendations to consider while creating your design, such as:
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Recirculation Exhaust Fans
• The Passive House Institute’s guidelines recommend installing recirculation exhaust fans, as opposed to exterior exhaust fans, particularly in small homes and apartments, as exterior vents significantly increase the amount of heat loss to your home.
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Induction Stoves
• Using recirculation fans, however, means air quality could be an issue, particularly if you use a gas stove. We recommend induction stoves should be used when possible.
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Short, Straight Duct
• If using gas, placing your range against a wall is recommended, rather than over an island. A short, straight duct above an exterior exhaust fan will lead to the most energy-efficient use of your gas stove.

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