Roof Vents Installation Chicago

Proper airflow is crucial to keeping your house at a moderate temperature, keeping you comfortable and your energy bill affordable. Not only will a hot and muggy attic run up your electricity bill, it will through off the air flow of your house, create too hot of an upstairs and freezing rooms below.

Circulating the air in the attic has a number of beneficial effects on the roof and the house in general. In winter, the circulation allows heat to escape, thus keeping the roof colder and preventing ice dams from forming. In summer, attic ventilation does just the opposite. It keeps the attic cooler and reduces the amount of energy you need to devote to air conditioning.
Roof Vents Installation Chicago

What are roof vents for

Roof vents ensure proper ventilation, how ever its possible to over do it. Too much ventilation can be just as bad as not enough ventilation. Roof vents create additional roof penetration, where leaks may occur.
How many roof vents do i need? As a general rule, your roof needs 1 square foot of vent area for every 150 square feet of attic space. Thus, if your attic is 450 square feet, you need roof vents equaling 3 square feet.
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Enhance attic airflow with our professional installation. Our team installs high-quality roof vents for improved ventilation and moisture prevention. Say goodbye to stagnant air and hello to a healthier home.
We stand behind our products. With us you get a lifetime year warranty on the job and a 5 year warranty on the product.
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