Ice Dam Prevention

Why pay for expensive ice dam removal services when you have the power to prevent them in the first place?

By addressing the underlying causes such as inadequate insulation and poor ventilation, you can effectively minimize the formation of ice dams on your roof.
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Minimize Icicles

Green Attic Insulation offers a highly effective solution for minimizing and preventing ice dam issues by efficiently eliminating heat sources that contribute to the warming of the underside of the sheathing, ensuring long-lasting protection and energy efficiency.
• Prevent Ice Dams & Water Damage
• Warmer house all winter long
• Cooler house in the summer
• Improve indoor air quality
• May be eligible for a $400 Nicor Gas rebate
• Consistent temperatures throughout the house
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How ice dams created, explained.
What Are Ice Dams? How Are They Different From Icicles?
Any changes made to the foundation of the home can have unseen effects on your homes integrity. this includes enlarging windows, putting in doors, etc.

And what about fire safety? if there is bedroom in the basement but no doors or windows to leave in an emergency that creates an unsafe living condition.
Insulation, Ventilation, Air Sealing Can Solve Icicles
Why pay for ice dam removal when you can pay the same amount of money to prevent it permanently. Ice dams were a major problem for homeowners in February 2021. Take a look at this photo of a home in Skokie Illinois. “An icicle is simply a measuring stick of heat loss” Tim Darling. Take a look at your neighborhood, if there are homes with no icicles they have air sealed and insulated properly. If you have any icicles at all, any, they are unacceptable, they may look beautiful on postcards, but they are indicators of heat escape from the living space. If you had to build a fire and were loosing heat you will have to add more logs to the fire. Same thing applies, you are cycling your furnace. Warming the underside of the roof sheathing and creating snow melt.
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• Drafty rooms
• Moisture problems
• Too hot in the summer
• Too cold in the winter
• High energy bills
• Water damage from ice melt / ice dams
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