Mold found in attics should be remediated by treating the cause

What Causes Mold In The Attic? Determine the cause of the attic mold is crucial prior to treating the sheathing for mold treatment or mold prevention.Mold will grow back on a prevention painted surface if the cause is not treated.

Cost: $1.20 per sq ft prevention. $1.40 per sq ft treatment.

Warm Conditioned Air From The Living Space     Escapes
Moisture Results From Heat Escape
Condensation In Heat As Vapor Changes To Liquid
Liquid / Water Feeds Mold Growth
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10 Years warranty on mold prevention
10 Years warranty on labor
5 Years warranty on mold treatment

Mold Growth Again? Attic Mold re-growth is common if the causeis not treated!

Attic mold can re-grow on the attic sheathing ( underside of the roof deck ) of a treated surface is the cause of the mold is not treated.

Why pay to treat the mold more than once?
We determine and eliminate the cause of mold
Treat the cause to prevent it from returning
We air seal, insulate the attic and install proper ventilation
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Mold Treatment $1.40 per sq ft
Mold Prevention $1.2 per sq ft
5 years / 10 years warranty
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Green Attic treats the cause of mold and provides mold treatment and prevention solutions.
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Humidity contributing to mold in your home
1. Sometimes, humidity or dampness (water vapor) in the air can supply enough moisture for mold growth. Indoor relative humidity (RH) should be kept below 60 percent — ideally between 30 percent and 50 percent, if possible. Low humidity may also discourage pests (such as cockroaches) and dust mites. Humidity levels can rise in a building as a result of the use of:

• Humidifiers
• Steam radiators
• Moisture-generating appliances such as dryers
• Combustion appliances such as stoves
• Showers
• Heat escape from the attic floor to roof deck
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2. Heat escape from the living space is a big contributor to mold growth as a result of cold air from the soffits or roof vents hitting warm air from the living space that leaked out through the attic floor seams. This is evident from the exterior when icicles are present. Often the attic sheathing ( roof deck ) will have mold, why? because the heat escape from the living space is creating both condensation and warming of the roof deck.
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Ventilation For Attic Mold Prevention
In addition to proper insulation levels, and air tight attic floor, in the attic, when passive power fan ventilation which is thermostat controlled does not remove excess heat escape from the living space the heat will prematurely melt roof snow creating a serious situation with icicles and the potential for ice dams.

• Ventilation can dissipate the heat moisture and condensation will feed mold growth.
• The best solution is to prevent heat escape from the pressure barrier of the living space and conditioned building envelope.
• Mold Prevention means treating the cause along with the affected surfaces.
Free Mold Inspection
• Identify Air Leaks • Check for Mold • Roof Stains • Rafter Sag • Excessive Heat Escape From Living Space • Identify Ventilation • Rusty Roofing Nails • Excessive Humidity • Dusty Seams Collected At Trim In Bedrooms • Missing Hatch Cover Insulation • Missing Weather Strip • Missing Insulation • Leaky Skylights • Improper Bath Fan Exhaust
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