Duct seams

Duct sealing seams delivering hot air to living spaces prevent wasted gas up to 30%
Ductwork Seams Leak Positive Pressure Air Resulting In Loss Of Pressure And Lower Temps Further Down The Delivery Lines To Vents In Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, And More

30% loss from positive pressure
Moisture problems
Conditioned Air Not Delivered
Too cold in the winter
High energy bills
Ventilations leak audit with infrared camera

Why Duct Seal With Foam?

Duct Sealing / Moisture Thermal Pressure Barrier at 2″ of Closed Cell Spray Foam
Get above and beyond efficiency from your heater when you seal duct work with foam.Ducts are inherently leaky because of joints and gaps, and sealing the duct work will help make the insulation as effective as possible. This means the air you pay to heat must pass through cold ductwork, where it will cool off, forcing your furnace to run longer
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Wooden attic
Duct Sealing Delivers Better Temps By Preventing Leaks
Comfortable Cozy Room With Direct Heat Delivery Through Sealed Ducts
1. A combination of closed cell spray foam and cellulose insulation is the perfect pairing for an unconditioned attic ( vented attic ).
2. Seal the attic floor and any ductwork with one part spray foam around seams or two part spray foam around duct trunks and delivery lines.
3. Duct sealing can be done with from inside the duct for lines traveling through conditioned spaces where thermal transfer is not a concern.
Wooden attic Duct Sealing
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