At Creen Attic Insulation, we prioritize transparency in our commitment to provide clear insights into the cost of our services. We value your trust your business and want to ensure that our cost and quality are the BEST.

**all of our cost varies based on size (sq ft.) of area being serviced
Attic Insulation

*  These prices are per sq. ft which can vary depending on existing insulation, total sq. ft, pitch of the roof, attic access and final R-value.

Air Sealing
$0.50*/sq. ft

*  Prices vary depending on total sq. ft, pitch of the roof and attic access.

Spray Foam
Close Cell R7 - starting at $1.25/sq. ft
Close Cell R7 - starting at $1.25/sq. ft

*  For Commercial application inquire for pricing

$900 for minimum crawl space size

*  However prices vary based on scope of work and size

Wall Insulation
Fiberglass starting at $2.50/sq. ft
Cellulose $3.00 sq. ft Spray Foam (see price for spray foam)
Bungalow Insulation
Chicago bungalow average cost is $3,500 and

*  depends on existing insulation, total sq. ft. ease of access, insulation type.

New Construction
See Pricing for specific insulation type, contact us to inquire about pricing.
Garage Insulation
$1500 for 1 Car Garage
$2200 for 2 Car Garage

*  Prices vary depending on total sq. ft and type of insulation

Pole Barn Insulation
See price for Closed Cell Insulation
Insulation Removal
Starting in $1.15
Fiberglass Batts $1.40
Blow In $5.50

*  Vermiculate also depends on type of insulation, total sq. ft

Mold Removal
Treatment starting at $1.40

but it depends on type of mold, area affected, damage severity, total sq. ft

Duсt Sealing
Depends on total sq. ft and ease of access starts at  $12.50/linear ft
Insulation depends on type of insulation, total sq. ft ease of access starting at $10/linear ft.
Attic Solar Fan
$750,  however price may be higher for pitched roofs
Roof Vents
$150 and up as solar attic fan description
Bathroom Fan Extension
$250 and up depends as 2 above
Can Lights
$20/can light average, however varies on how many and ease of access

Financial Assistance for Insulation

At Green Attic, we understand that insulation isn't cheap, but for this reason we offer Financial Assistance. We know the importance of having a healthier home, offering this program allows us to give you a chance to invest in your home for better air quality.
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