Crawl Space Encapsulation

Prevent moisture movement from the crawlspace to the house and prevent heat escape from the floors above.

Crawlspace moisture barrier liner creates a clean dry neutral space. Spray foam walls and rim joist and insulate ceiling to retain heat on floors above.
Attic insulation
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Moisture Thermal Vapor Barrier

Crawl Space Encapsulation Before

What is a Crawl Space? A neutral low ceiling foundation space commonly unconditioned, sometimes used for storage. Most homeowners have issues with cobwebs, water stains, spiders, drafts, and some without concrete or gravel and water management interior drainage system resulting in soggy dirt floors. Crawl space encapsulation materials are installed to prevent moisture mold mildew and rodent issues. The moisture barrier also creates a clean durable finished space suitable for storage and climate control. Crawl Space Encapsulation done right includes a thermal barrier using insulation. Common insulation materials installed are spray foam around seams and box sill, and a vapor barrier over gravel or dirt floors. If the floor is concrete, no vapor barrier is necessary.
Attic insulation
Photo Before: Gravel Floor Moisture Uninsulated Walls Dust Air Leaks ColdFloors Above in Winter Cobwebs Leaky Box Sill and Rim Joist
Crawl Space Encapsulation After
Our crawl space encapsulation services ensure a safe and clean environment, making it suitable for storage purposes. By sealing the rim joist and box sill, we effectively control air quality and recommend the use of humidifiers in humid climates to maintain optimal conditions.

• Crawlspace Safe for Storage
• Clean
• Air Quality Control
• Recommend Humidifier for Moist Climates
• Rim Joist / Box Sill Sealed
Attic insulation
Photo after: Sealed vapor barrier clean white floor / spray foam insulation on walls / sealed box sill and rim joist.
Attic insulation
Pictured: Concrete floor without vapor barrier liner. Closed cell spray foam walls and ceiling.
Crawlspace Sealed with Closed Cell Spray Foam
Control moisture from outside the crawlspace by extending gutter downspouts 4-6 ft from home, standing rain water management drain tile and more. Temperatures in the crawlspace is neutral. It is unconditioned (not heated or cooled by hvac systems), as there is no reason to condition it to room temp. Crawlspace may need a dehumidifier if its prone to moisture from exterior water management and grading issues. ( flood zone or water runoff towards structure)
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