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Grant funds for the energy efficiency portion of the program for non-income eligible residents have been exhausted. This portion of the program is now closed. Check back here to learn if new funds become available.
With Oak Park Energy Efficiency, you can forget about:

  Drafty Rooms
  Moisture Problems
  Too hot in the summer
  Too cold in the winter
  High Energy Bills
  Water Damage From Ice Melts

OAK Park get insulated with the energy efficiency matching grant

The Village’s energy efficiency grant program can cover 50% of the cost up to $10,000 or $10,000 total for energy efficiency upgrades depending on your household’s income eligibility status. The program is designed to support the installation of insulation, energy efficient lighting, upgraded water heaters, high-efficiency shower/faucet upgrades, improved air sealing, thermostat upgrades, and solar panels. The installation or upgrade of heating, venting, or air conditioning is also eligible.

For more information about how to apply for this new grant program, please contact us.
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Energy Efficiency Matching Grant Up To $10,000

OAK Park Energy Efficiency Matching Grant
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Up to $10,000 in grant funds are available to Oak Park residents to reduce their home’s consumption of energy. Help fight climate change and reduce your monthly utility bills with energy efficient insulation, lighting, water heaters, faucets, air sealing, thermostats, and solar panels.

Get a head start on your energy efficiency grant by pre-filling out the application.

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Maximize Your Savings with Rebates from Peoples Gas, Nicor Gas, and North Shore Gas!
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Oak Park Insulate Your Attic and Exterior Walls

Home is supposed to be a comfortable place. So why do you have to choose between paying an arm and a leg or being comfortable? Attic insulation will help. Do any of these sound like your home?

Reduce Drafts and Cold Spots in Winter. Eliminate Hot 2nd Story Attics.
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Free Insulation Inspection

 Infrared Camera Inspection
 Identify Air Leaks
 Identify Ventilation Issues
 Roof Stains
 Rafter Sag
 Excessive Heat
 Soffit Ventilation
 Rusty Roofing Nails
 Excessive Humidity
 Even Distribution of Insulation
 Skylight Wells Uninsulated
 Skylight Wells Uninsulated
 Heating on Air Conditioning Ducts
 Exhaust Fans
 Rodents or Nesting
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