Chicagoland's Insulation Choice For Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

Multi-family buildings must have permanent or semi-permanent residential tenants and be an apartment/condominium, college/university dormitory, assisted living facility or retirement community consisting of 3 units or more.

Rebate Guidelines and Incentives

Create a continuous insulation throughout its entire envelope without any thermal bridging using exterior insulators and closed cell spray foam – Best Performing Insulation for a complete moisture, pressure, and thermal barrier.

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•  Capitalize on valuable energy efficiency opportunities;
   $0.60 per therm saved
•  For owners and property managers of multi-family rental properties
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Energy Efficiency Incentives for Increased ROI and Comfort

Maximize your returns while enjoying increased comfortwith our energy efficiency incentives.
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Landlords = Increased Return On Investment Tenants = Increased Comfort
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Nicor Gas Custom Incentives | & AirSealing
Reduce Heating &Cooling Costs
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