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Welcome to the 5-star, green insulation solution to your
heating and cooling bills!
By insulating your home, you’re not only improving the value of your home, you’re improving your comfort and saving money. Attic insulation alone can reduce heating bills up to 30%.

Combine that with quality roofing to prevent leaks that can lead to mold.

With Green Attic Insulation Contractor in Chicago, you can rest easy knowing that our environmentally conscious insulation will also enhance the air quality in your home, where you and your family live.
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Discover a world of exclusive savings and benefits by partnering with our trusted rebate program. Unlock  discounts, through our extensive network of reputable rebate partners.
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Attic insulationAttic insulation

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Advantages of Selecting Our Company
• Prompt appointments and detailed quotes
• Professional, punctual service that values your time
• Full photo documentation of all work done, in-process and finished
• Expert service from Chicagoland’s highly-rated insulation company
• Boost energy efficiency, reduce heating costs, eliminate cold spots
• Licensed and insured meticulous work
• Satisfaction guaranteed, work guaranteed
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Our Chicagoland Attic Insulation Home Services

Attic insulation is one of the most cost-effective improvements you can make in your home—to better your heating and cooling at a lower cost. Insulation is one of a suite of home services Green Attic offers. Each home service is designed to make your home more comfortable, healthy—and happy!
Basement Insulation
Insulating basements for improved energy efficiency
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Spray Foam
Efficient spray foam insulation for optimal energy savings
Learn More
Cellulose Insulation
Efficient and eco-friendly cellulose insulation services
Learn More
Insulation Removal
Safe and thorough insulation removal services
Learn More
Air Sealing
Air sealing to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency
Learn More
Duct Sealing
Efficient dust sealing solutions for a cleaner environment.
Learn More
Mold Removal
Efficient mold removal for a healthy environment
Learn More
Energy Audit
Energy efficiency analysis for optimized energy consumption
Learn More
Ice Dam Removal
Fast and effective ice dam removal for roof protection
Learn More
Professional roofing services for a durable and secure roof
Learn More
Heat Pumps
Energy-efficient heat pump installations and services
Learn More
Explore All Our Services
Wall Insulation
Wall Insulation
Improve Energy Efficiency and Comfort with Sidewall Insulation Solutions.
Learn More
Attic Insulation
Attic Insulation
Quality attic insulation for energy efficiency and comfort.
Learn More
Enhance Indoor Air Quality and Comfort with Professional Ventilation Services.
Learn More
Crawl Space Insulation
Crawl Space Insulation
Efficiently Insulate Your Crawl Space for Enhanced Energy Efficiency and Moisture Control.
Learn More
Air Seal
Air Seal
Enhance Energy Efficiency and Indoor Comfort with Professional Air Sealing Services.
Learn More
Basement Insulation
Basement Insulation
Quality attic insulation for energy efficiency and comfort.
Learn More
Our Promise to You The Homeowner
At our company, we are committed to providing you, the homeowner, with top-notch home insulation solutions. With a focus on energy efficiency, comfort, and environmental sustainability, we strive to exceed your expectations.
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Guaranteed Work
Get a 10 year warranty on our workmanship and various warranties on materials.
Free To Get Started
Starting improving the comfort of your home with a free inspection or energy assessment.
Comfortable Home For Every Season
Have your home running energy efficient year-round and get healthy, clean air.
Save money
Rebates on insulation through Energy Smart (a Nicor, People's Gas and North Shore Gas program).
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Get Infrared Camera Home Inspection

Cold spots in the living room result in discomfort, drafts, and low temperatures. Our solution: dense pack cellulose insulation in wall cavities and air sealing exterior seams to prevent
cold air intake.

This photo from a 2021 infrared camera inspection in Park Ridge, Illinois showcases the drawbacks of fiberglass insulation.

When not sealed and properly insulated, these areas could be causing cold spots in winter and hot spots in summer.

Attics and dormered rooms

Can lights leaking air

Walls baseboards, hatches, closets

Get a Free Infrared Inspection
Infrared camere in action

Better for the Planet, Better for You with

Green Insulation and Professional Service

From recycled materials, to energy reduction, to solar-powered facilities, to minimizing our carbon footprint, Green Attic’s attention to ecological best practices is a top priority.
Here are some examples of our green materials:

• Cellulose insulation is recycled and helps reduce CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases
• Solar attic fans for ventilation reduces heat build-up with sun-powered electric
• Recycled roofing shingles reuse materials and are more durable for longer wear
• Heat pumps can replace gas-burning furnaces, make heating and cooling your house more energy efficient, and improve air quality

For our sales team and crews, we utilize route optimization to minimize carbon use, even utilizing a Tesla. The equipment we run is more green, as well. For instance, our insulation machines don’t burn diesel or gas, like some providers.

We believe in what’s best for our clients and the planet. That’s why even our name is Green!
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Our expert insulation installers, roofers and HVAC staff are waiting to hear from you. Don't wait to benefit from our professional services, like these clients have.
Attic Insulation Upgrade for Mr. Tony

Attic Insulation Upgrade for Mr. Tony

This project highlights Green Attic Insulation's expertise in delivering comprehensive attic insulation solutions that improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

Comprehensive Insulation and Attic Upgrade 

Comprehensive Insulation and Attic Upgrade 

This project showcases our commitment to home energy efficiency and comfort. The successful completion has enhanced the comfort and safety of the home, demonstrating the value of our services.

Attic Solution in Western Springs

Attic Solution in Western Springs

This project exemplifies Green Attic Insulation's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for attic issues, combining mold remediation with high-quality insulation upgrades.

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